Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Selling my 1st Car!

11 March 2009 - The day I had to let go of Rovie for a mere £22 after a huge E-bay blunder. If you ever wondered why I hate E-bay, this is why. 

I've put my car up for sale on E-bay, sold it for £250! The guys arrived to pick it up and wanted to give me cash in hand, they wanted to do the paperwork first and I thought let me show them the car first... rookie mistake, the car was sold to them already! My words: "I hope it's not worse than you thought." 

Needless to say they saw the get out and didn't want to buy it anymore, no we can't take it. I begged them to take it for nothing. They didn't. 

I then put it back onto E-bay's second chance offer to the 3 highest bidders. Not one for small print, I thought ag let me just open it up to everyone! 

I gave all 7 buyers the chance to seal the deal again. At that moment it looked like I had 7 cars for sale, David walked into the office and saw the panic on my face. We couldn't get rid of the 7 cars. 

The following moment my phone rang and a lady said we just purchased your car on E-bay, can we arrange a pick-up. I refreshed the page frantically and saw they bought it for £55!!!! 

Young and naive I thought that's it and sold my car, arranged the pick up etc. 

The worst part of it is that the man in the photo told me that by lunch time my car would be squashed into a little box. 
Paypal took £3 co-mission for the payment, E-bay took £20 for listing the car and another £20 for the second car I sold!!!! I didn't cancel the first sale. I could CRY. There was no-one to phone or explain to E-bay that I only sold one car. So I had to write an e-mail in CAPITAL letters to show my frustration. 
That's it, I got £22 for my wonderful little car that offered me many bike adventures and short trips to visit friends and drive to church. 

In the same week this happened I serviced my bike for £67! Absolute crazy. 

I've laughed at this story many times and am like I've said so many time so thankful that I'm not 26 anymore. I'm older and wise and hopefully won't repeat this kind of thing again or well I haven't yet.