Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Baggies or No Baggies?

Most mountainbikers wear shorts over their cycling tights apart from most of the South African racing snakes, myself and a few others. I have never owned baggies or wore any until this past weekend. 

My main objections were that I am short so I am going to look short & stocky. It is also another expense when your tights are already serving the purpose.

I started thinking about getting a pair since I've been on this MTB-Leadership course. 

The weekend before last Albert and I went out for a ride, it was so muddy and we were such a mess on the train back home. People didn't just look strangely at us they moved away. Back home I had to get changed downstairs and that is when I thought I am going to start to look for a pair.

One evening whilst I was searching for stuff on Amazon, I started falling a sleep and when I woke up after dosing off I saw a pair of Odlo baggies available at £8!!! I thought I was literally dreaming... These usually cost £75. I immediately hit the buy button. 

They arrived and fitted comfortably, not pulling in places where they shouldn't be pulling. 

This past weekend was the 1st time I officially wore them and my conclusion is as follows. 

1. They are comfortable 
2. It didn't obstruct me when I went behind the saddle going downhill
3. It is another layer that helps to keep your bottom dry & warm
4. You look like a real mountainbiker apparently (in my case at the cost of looking shorter & stockier) :) 

1. It makes me look shorter and stockier than I already am
2. It is going to be warm in summer

This is the link for the pair that I bought.


Don't ask me how the pricing structure work as now they are £15 or £75 again and I bought a second pair at £6.95