Friday, 15 November 2013

1st Tango Cycling Competition!

I am so excited to invite you all to participate in the first Tango Cycling Competition?

Tango Competition

Stand the chance to win a years’ worth of Squirtlube, Squirt Bio Bikewash a KMC Squirt induced chain and a batch of TC’s signature crunchies! All you have to do is ride your bike as much as possible for a two week period from 25 November – 14:00, 8 December 2013! Register your GPS device with Strava and join Tango Cycling Club on your pc to enter and participate in this challenge.

To participate in the competition you all you need is the following:
1. Be registered on Strava, have a gps device or download the app on your smartphone

2. Join Tango Cycling Club on Strava – make sure you join the group on your PC otherwise your profile will not come up on the leaderboard

3. Ride your bike as much as you can from 25 November – 14:00 on 8 December 2013

Terms & Conditions:
Enter at your own risk

Strava leaderboard will have the final say as to who is the winner

Honesty is the best policy so no #digitalepo business

The winner has to live in the UK

Tango Christmas Party

The winner will be announced on 8 December 2013 at the Tango Christmas Party!

We can all go for a last ride together, maybe just around Richmond Park, everyone can do as many laps as they want and then we can indulge in some homemade cakes & tarts with teas & coffees at potentially my head quarters (tbc). £5entry fee to the Tango Christmas Party. Anybody ie cyclists & non-cyclists are welcome to join the party?! #makethecirclebigger

Who is in? Who will take it? Who will you putyour money on?

Tango Cycling Greetings,

Ps. Squirtlube is now available for purchase on Wiggle and Specialized Concept Store in Kingston.