Monday, 27 January 2014

REVIEW: Falke MTB Socks!

Last year I received a pair of these Falke socks as hand-me-downs.

I started wearing them on our mtb-rides and caught myself looking for them as my chosen socks whenever I got ready for a ride.

I can't exactly tell you why or what was so different about them, but I loved wearing them on my mtb-rides and was determent to buy more when I go back to South Africa. I even started looking online, but couldn't find what I was looking for.

So on my recent trip to South Africa I went to Cape Union Mart and there they were! Stacks of them: men's, women's and in different the colors.

It was the first time that I saw the packaging.

Mountain biking Socks!

The clue was OBVIOUSLY in the MTB stitching on the back of the sock, but I never noticed it before.  

I bought a few pairs for myself and some as gifts so we can all share in the benefits of wearing these socks when we ride our beloved mountain bikes.

Who would've thought that such a tiny component of your clothing can make a difference? But it does! These socks provide ventilation where you need it, support behind your ankle and so much more. The technology behind these is spot on!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Tread - My favourite MTB magazine

Tread reads like a book to me with helpful headings as above
Buying a Tread magazine is always on my shopping list when I go back to South Africa. Finding it on the shelves in shops is the hard part though. In March I found it at Revolution Cycles in Cape Town. My search in Spar, Pick n Pay and Woolworths were unsuccessful. I am still trying to figure out if they just sell out quickly or if they don't stock it. I almost gave up hope, but then as I arrived at the airport to return I found it at CNA, Cape Town Airport to put the last cherry on the cake for me this holiday.

Tread is everything and more from what I would expect from a mtb-magazine. 

In Issue 26 Sean Badenhorst aka @MrTread writes what their aims were when they started the magazine. 

1. Create an authoritative biking media platform
2. Improve general level of mountain biking skills in SA
3. Help give women mountain bikers greater recognition
4. Grow trail riding in South Africa

Tread is exactly that and to me it explains the reason I go out of my way to find this magazine when I return to SA. It is all about a passion for the sport combined with a great deep knowledge of the sport. It is not just about the pro's, but it is also about us the normal weekend riders who ride our bikes for fun and the love of our sport. Tips on things that are within our reach that we can change or add to our riding so that we can become better riders. 

I arrived back in London on a grey miserable day. Tread kept me company for the 40 minutes we had to wait to find a parking for our aircraft at Heathrow Terminal 5. I continued devouring it page by page on my tube journey into work and not even the company of my flatmates could get me to put it down when I arrived home.

Thank you Tread for what you put into the sport I love and sharing your knowledge and passion with us. All the best for the future and 2014!