Friday, 22 April 2011

My 2nd MTB

Specialized Rockhopper SL Expert 2010 Mountain Bike

After pure indulgence and money burning in my pocket I just happened to find this bike on offer whilst I still had my bonus in my bank account. Fate had it that only one of these were still available on the whole of the island & it happened to be my size. Christiaan gave me the go ahead and said that I was getting a good deal. I didn't need much more encouragement than that! It was meant to be.

Biggest noticeable comparisons

Rockhopper vs Hardrock

- The Weight
- The SHOCKS - what a difference
- The Brakes

Biggest Adjustment to get used too

- Narrower wheels, took time to get confidence on the jumps

Tips on buying a bike (especially for the girls)

- Ask that question that you think might be stupid
- Demand proper bike set-up or play around with your set-up (make sure your brakes are within reaching distance & that your shocks are set-up for you specifically)
- Buy a women's specific saddle (I've learned the very HARD way)

Did I say? I ♥ my Phiets!

Phiets @ Peaslake