Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Ride London Classique

On Saturday I decided to brave the rain and watch the women race @RideLondon. It was very tempting to stay at home, but I thought no I will support as I had the opportunity to at The Womens Tour, but didn't quite know about it. 

In all fairness we were not best placed to know what was going on tactically in the race and we completely misjudged the route we took to watch the sprint finish and didn't see it at all, but heard the commentators at least. The organisers made you walk a mile around all the way down to Buckingham Palace, ok they had the layout planned to serve a purpose for the Freecycle and Ride London the next day, but it was very disappointing as I would've loved to see the finish. 

Being able to watch the race on BBC I-Player though I was able to see the perfectly planned attack by @corynrivera that led to victory for her. She planned that perfectly, using the wheels of her teammates then her rival before going all out, keeping her head down,  knowing she had a clear line to the finish line, staying low until she knew she crossed the Finish line in first! 

In the picture is @ashleighcycling our South African star! Listen to the @voxwomencycling podcast for an in depth interview with her and her thoughts on LaCourse and where women cycling currently is.