Friday, 1 December 2017

My 2017 Cycling Achievements

Achievements 2017:

1. Climbing Mt Ventoux (at walking speed but nevertheless) 

I reached the top by myself, emotion wanted to overcome me, but I kept it together, enjoying the moment. I mentally prepared myself before descending my first long descend on my roadbike

2. Bikepacking on Easter Weekend 
(sleeping in a bivvy bag for the 1st time in a grass field (thankfully I didn't have to eat dry camping food Carl threatened me with)

My first night sleeping out in the open without a tent in sight, the highlight was waking up with the view and seeing the sunrise

3. Cycling to Paris for the 4th time, this time a few times in the fast group

Mmm, what were we thinking? Not just a bit out of comfort zone, but so rewarding and exhilarating to ride at such a high speed that there were no time to talk, shout for potholes or complain. It was all about shut up and pedal, but so super cool! 

4. Replacing inner frame routing of cable housing and gear cable! What a faff?! But so chuffed! October 2017

My not so fine moments:
  1. Tightening the bolt on my brake lever so tight that I snapped the bracket and had to replace the brake lever set completely
  2. Pushing my bike down a steep drop, slipping and hurting my knee badly!

Goals for 2018: 

1. To become a better climber for my ability and weight ratio (ok maybe I'll add in to lose a few kgs too)

2. Do a track cycling session at Lee Valley Velodrome

3. Be in the fast group for the full 4 days from London to Paris in September