Thursday, 8 December 2016

An Epic Christmas Shopping List 2016

Bike Box Alanavailable from £415. This is a hardcase giving optimal protection
The Velovault is available at £449
STEADFAST by former World Champion, Lizzie Armitstead
GoPro's newest edition is now available at Chain Reaction for £349.99
Garmin VIRB available at Amazon for £349.99
Fenwicks Foaming Chain Cleaner - £4.49
This chain cleaner can be sprayed directly onto the chain making it a whole lot easier than any other degreaser to work with.
Mens Casual T-Shirtfrom Plain Lazy

Specialized Ambush Helmet 2017 available at for £74.99
Mens Merino Wool Long Sleeve baselayer
Endura Thermolite Full leg warmers
Cycling Shoe laces :-) 
Cable Cutter from Superstar components £13.99
Pizza Cutter from Park Tools
Torque Wrench - Handy tool to have to make sure all the nuts and bolts are as tight as it should be! A bit too scientific to me, but highly recommended as a handy gift to the home mechanic. 
Crank Brothers Tyre Leavers - Rich showed me these this past weekend, they fit over your Crank Brother multi-tool, nice & compact. 
Park tool chain cleaner at 50% off from Chain Reaction
Park tool cleaning brushes
Back due to popular demand, the Air Chuck Co2 Pump
Master Chain link opener for those who do their own repairs - £13.99
Dropper Seatpost, Rockshox Reverb comes highly recommended by friends who all have one!
Buy from:
Chain Reaction
Bargain rechargeable commuter lights from Lezyne @ £9.99!
Support Qhubeka by buying something from their online store! Qhubeka hands out bikes to people who don't have an alternative mode of transport!
Available at WIGGLE for £249.95
QOM sleeveless baselayer £40
At the Edge  by Danny MacAskill who became a YouTubephenomenon!
Olympics Golden Couple writes their Autobiography, The Inside Track 
TomTom Bandit is a more affordable at £160 from Amazon.
SEAL, tubeless sealant from Squirtlube
Specialized Grail finger less gloves, ok maybe not the appropriate time of the year to buy these, but they are beautiful and has to be included on this list. 
Squirt Long Lasting Dry Lube - This will form the ideal gift with other products like the Fenwicks Foam Chain Cleaner! Best applied on a clean degreased chain.
Read a review from a Tango Cycling member here
Mountain Woman T-Shirt from Howies
Fox Cargo Ranger Baggies 40% off
Womens Merino Long Sleeve baselayer
DeFeet Woolie Boolie 
Cycling Christmas Cards from Ginger & French
Can't stop thinking about cycling, drink your tea from a stylish Cycling mug
Mountain Biking The Untold British Story 
Cleat Covers as used by Mark Cahill to protect road cycling cleats and to provide comfort whilst wearing road shoes.
Get cold feet? These cheap toe warmers might just be the cure! 
Lizard Skin Lock On Grips - £15.98
Assos Chamois Creme has been the best in the business for years! 
Garmin Edge 1000 - track your rides and training with this device.
The Sahmurai Sword was developed by ex-pro mountain biker, Stephan Sahm, use this kit to fix your tubeless tyres in no time.
These lights will be a great asset for the seasoned commuter! 
This is my commuter backpack and is honestly the most comfortable backpack on the bike, it stays in one place, has ample space and the weigh distribution is just perfect. Vaude Splash!
Read a Review here from myself. 

Tango Shopping!

A shopping list for everything you need to make degrease your chain and to convert your tyre to tubeless! 

There are two things that I would highly recommend you to do, both of these are a bit of a hack, BUT both of them are tasks that makes you feel you have accomplished something and you will reap the benefits for months after you have done them.

1. De-grease your chain

2. Convert your tyres to tubeless

Both of these are straight forward, but can potentially turn into a major faff, below are all the products you need to make your life easier to complete these tasks!

Happy Shopping!

Fenwicks Foaming Chain Cleaner - £4.49
This chain cleaner can be sprayed directly onto the chain making it a whole lot easier than any other degreaser to work with.
Squirt Long Lasting Dry Lube - Is best applied on a clean de-greased chain. Many people have asked me how I keep my chain so clean, the answer is Squirt lube, I can not recommend it enough! Happy chain, happy bike.
Read a review from a Tango Cycling member here
The need for easy and quick access to our smartphones has increased a lot, making these gloves a must have item!

North Wave Etip Women's Glove

North Wave Etip Mens Glove
Tubeless Valves are needed to replace your current valves and to complete seal the valve hole. 
Airwave Tubeless Tyre Track Pump - this is only one of the pumps on the market that now acts as a compressor. In order for your tyre to seat onto the rim you need a fair amount of compressed air, this is a great gift for anyone who has been through the paces and frustration to convert their tyres. 
Bio-Bike Wash is a concentrated & biodegradable bike cleaner. The concentrate can be diluted to 1:25 and still produce a heavy-duty cleaning solution. It is water based and does not contain any organic solvents.Can be used on any surface of the bike.
Park tool chain cleaner at 50% off from Chain Reaction, for those who would rather not get there hands dirty. 
Park tool cleaning brushes gets into all the nooks and crannies to clean your bike. 
SEAL, tubeless sealant from Squirtlube is the last ingredient you need to complete your tubeless conversion. I find the more generous you are with the sealant, the better is your success to 'pop' your tyre quickly. 
Tubeless Rim Tape - To convert your wheels to tubeless, you need a few essentials of which rim tape is one, the rim tape helps seal the rim so that the spoke holes are completely blocked which prevents any air or liquid from escaping. 
The Sahmurai Sword was developed by ex-pro mountain biker, Stephan Sahm, use this kit to fix your tubeless tyres in no time.