Friday, 15 November 2013

1st Tango Cycling Competition!

I am so excited to invite you all to participate in the first Tango Cycling Competition?

Tango Competition

Stand the chance to win a years’ worth of Squirtlube, Squirt Bio Bikewash a KMC Squirt induced chain and a batch of TC’s signature crunchies! All you have to do is ride your bike as much as possible for a two week period from 25 November – 14:00, 8 December 2013! Register your GPS device with Strava and join Tango Cycling Club on your pc to enter and participate in this challenge.

To participate in the competition you all you need is the following:
1. Be registered on Strava, have a gps device or download the app on your smartphone

2. Join Tango Cycling Club on Strava – make sure you join the group on your PC otherwise your profile will not come up on the leaderboard

3. Ride your bike as much as you can from 25 November – 14:00 on 8 December 2013

Terms & Conditions:
Enter at your own risk

Strava leaderboard will have the final say as to who is the winner

Honesty is the best policy so no #digitalepo business

The winner has to live in the UK

Tango Christmas Party

The winner will be announced on 8 December 2013 at the Tango Christmas Party!

We can all go for a last ride together, maybe just around Richmond Park, everyone can do as many laps as they want and then we can indulge in some homemade cakes & tarts with teas & coffees at potentially my head quarters (tbc). £5entry fee to the Tango Christmas Party. Anybody ie cyclists & non-cyclists are welcome to join the party?! #makethecirclebigger

Who is in? Who will take it? Who will you putyour money on?

Tango Cycling Greetings,

Ps. Squirtlube is now available for purchase on Wiggle and Specialized Concept Store in Kingston.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Crash Boom Bang

At the beginning of the day I thought to myself, today won't be more fun or exciting than yesterday... LITTLE did I know what was about to happen.
Six of us started at Dorking Station. Today was an intermediate ride, so none of us were going to get away with a flat route, we were going to work and earn our tea & cake.
We started with the White Downs and connected with the 22. At Abinger, Marie stared at the cows and made a voluntary dive into the grass, we realised a noise on her back wheel shortly after her tumble. Liezl is an expert in v-brakes and quickly found the problem. The rim burst/split and was rubbing against the brake pads. She opened the brakes more and Marie was able to continue the ride with her front brake only. She was determined to be on this ride especially after the mission it was to get to Dorking on time. First she missed the train as they changed the platform at the last minute, then 'Spiertier' Willie fastened the quick release so tight that she couldn't get the front wheel off to put it in the back of her car. Her frustration gave her the extra strength she needed and she was able to join us in the end. 

Mechanics at work
We stayed on the 22 up to after Shere. We then followed the route crossing the train line and went up in the trevine/kloof. It is a bit of a longer, technical climb but with a nice gradient. That part of Peaslake is usually quiet and you feel totally removed from the rest of the world. I was so proud of everyone as we were all equally matched and sitting right on each others wheels.
At the top of this climb we (Pokkeltjie & myself) rewarded ourselves with some fun in 'Die Sloot/The Ditch' as we call it. The Ditch has 2 lines, one steep smooth line and one less steep, but rooty line. Pokkeltjie went for smooth and steep and I went for less steep & rooty. Liezl went first and as she finished she wanted to turn around and look what I did... By the time I stopped I spotted her flat on her back in the middle of the road, moaning and groaning. I instantly thought, collarbone... Luckily nothing was broken and the moaning & groaning was just attention seeking. :) We decided that we would like to get Liezl's style on video, so she had to have another go. She did it brilliantly again and even rounded it off with a nice jump. I had total brain failure and didn't get it on camera. Liezl then volunteered to go a 3rd time. I was starting to consider to try her line WHEN I spotted the little tree stump roundabouts where you would land when you come out of the jump.
Seconds after my last thought my tree stump fear happened. Liezl's back wheel landed on the tree stump and she got catapult over her handlebars! 3 seconds went by before her bike landed on top of her head as she was busy pushing herself up from the ground.
We were all shocked and very concerned. She was moaning and groaning, but moving and not to badly injured. A cut on her arm and some major bruising. We made a makeshift bandage with my arm/knee warmer and stopped the bleeding.
She did 'The Ditch' a fourth time and redeemed herself!
My nerves were hanging on a threat as we will say in Afrikaans as we continued, it could've been so different, but I am very greatful that she was fine. We moved across to Christmas Pudding & Carpet land for some single track action.
The sun, the leaves and weather was just amazing. Here Lara is styling!
Halfway down I heard something behind me and stopped. Sara came off her bike so we went to see if she was ok. Her bike landed on her and her leg got bruised, but she was ok. The right hand  gear casing from her bike broke off and was hanging lose. We tried to position it back on with a plaster, but it didn't quite hold. Two guys came passed us and I asked if they had ductape with them, they didn't, but the one offered his last cable tie to us. We managed after lots of faffing to tie it back on and just left her gears in a gear that she could stay in for the rest of the day... Middle ring front and middle back.
Bronwen, Lara, Marie, Sara & Pokkeltjie
After all of this drama we had a well-deserved tea break at Peaslake Village Store where Trudy offered us lots of TLC. We had a non-eventful but FAST return to Dorking station. A record 45 minute sprint via the flat route to Dorking Station and made the next train back with 5 minutes to spare.
I send our in-house nurse a text to ask if she was home as Pokkeltjie needed some medical attention. Nurse Saartjie was pleased to know that I was not the patient this time and she was ready with savlon, cotton wool and an extra dosage of TLC. I only had Mr Myprodol left in my TLC-cabinet and provided Pokkeltjie with some at church that evening. :)
Thank you Ladies, I had a ball despite all the mishaps along the way, it is all part of the adventure.
Check out our route:
Add-ons for my first-aid/essential-must-have kit in the future
1. Ductape
2. Cable ties
3. Pain killers
4. Plasters
In one of my previous blogs, "My Favourite Things" I mentioned Squirtlube I am now proud to announce that Squirtlube is sponsoring Tango Cycling. I will be handing out sample sizes when I see you next time. No more dirty hands when dealing with your chain, less time needed to wash your bike as you will never have to degrease your chain again is just some of the benefits when you use Squirtlube! #morefunforless
Future Rides:
20 October - Intermediate: Men & Women
2 - 3 November - Skills Weekend: Men & Women (note no ladies ride in November)
30 November - Beginners: Ladies
1 December 2013 - Intermediate: Ladies
Drop me a line if you would like to join us.

Try this link if the video doesn't work.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Mushroom Files

Saturday was probably one of the most fun days I've had on the bike in a long time.

In order to get to the trails quicker we took the flat route out towards the 22. We met Jill at Abinger and went passed the farm down to the Volunteer. We bumped into Lizzie, Iain & Dan at the top of the hill at the farm. Had a nice chat with them, told the girls just how hardcore they are. :)

Carrie-Ann, Saartjie, Letitia, Karen, Pokkeltjie & Jill

The girls were all super strong, I was taking some shots from not enough sleep and was just so lazy to do anything that involved effort. I spotted my 2nd snake in England, the shock was enough to get me to pedal faster.

The leaves are starting to change colour and the area was scattered with all kinds of different mushrooms! A beautiful and interesting fairy tale spectacle, they are absolutely fascinating.
Karen styling on Bron's bike
The adrenaline junkies amongst us did Yoghurt Pots twice and all of the others were appointed to take some videos while others did a 2nd or 3rd run.

We were waiting on Saartjie to finish her 2nd YP-loop before I heard this typical girly squeal... Followed by TTTTTCCCCCC! I ran back up the trail to hold Saartjie's hand and Liezl came along to hold my hand. :)
We got to Saartjie and there she sat facing the trail backwards with her bike also facing the wrong way... She was pretty much winded and just in shock. Pokkeltjie & I didn't give her much sympathy as I was more worried that a speedster was going to crash into us if we stayed on the track. So she just had to get on with it. :) She got back on her bike and did YP a third time with NO crashes.

We also did Barry Knows Best and treated ourselves with tea and treats at Peaslake Village Store. We also bumped into Roald, Pooh Bear, Iain, Lizzie & Dan again. 

On the flat route back, Liezl decided it was time to challenge my one and only QOM on my favourite Tunnel of Love downhill section. She trashed it with 9 seconds AND she had to slow down for people! We found 3 clusters of oyster mushrooms in the middle of the track. It was massive at first I thought it was a tree stump, but it was this squeesy slippery mess!

We left Jill at her car in Abinger and started heading homeward bound. At Dog Poo Dodge, Liezl and I decided to dice each other and oh dear it was at that point where everything fell apart behind us. As soon as we went round the corner, Carrie went flying into the bushes and winded herself. Karen broke her chain, no I mean, Karen broke Bron's bike chain on the short steep climb whilst I was waiting for them oblivious of what had happened where the road joins the bigger road again. I then realised that maybe they got lost or had trouble and started riding back. Saartjie filled me in on all that went wrong when I got back to them.

I asked Karen where the chain was, she looked down to where it would've been and said there... There was nothing! She quickly ran back and found it. Carrie was fine. I swapped bikes with Karen and sent Saartjie to get Liezl to come and push me up the hills. Hahaha

I freewheeled as much as possible and held onto Liezl's camelbak where and when I was losing speed. I learnt this *manoeuvre from Zane when Cecilia had chain problems on the exact same track earlier in the year.

Whilst we stopped at the very conveniently located Head for the Hills to get the chain fixed Liezl escorted Carrie & Letitia to the station and met us back at Head for the Hills. This allowed us more time to pop into this awesome cook shop that I always longingly look at when we sprint back to the station. It is an incredible shop, it has everything any cook can dream off and it was so nice just to 'look' at the stuff. My bank balance & camelbak limited me to buy anything apart from a small gift for a friend's birthday. :)

Give me the pinky & I'll grab
the whole hand... :)
Once on the train back to London the guard announced that there was a fatality at Wimbledon and we would be delayed. We were deliberating if we should get off & ride or if we should sit it out. We started chatting to the guard and he told us, "You have F((*&&^% bikes you have no problem!" To which I asked him, "Don't you think we rode far enough for one day? You are so cheeky." He then turned around and said, "It's not cheeky, it's common sense." I absolutely loved it, he put me right in my place.

We continued giving him stick as he made poor announcements etc. I suddenly thought it might be my only chance ever to be in the drivers cabin of a train and asked him if I could check it out. He agreed unexpectedly, so Liezl & I got right in there, under strict instruction NOT TO TOUCH anything. That was incredibly hard as it is soooo tempting, but also hard not touching anything when you have to get out of the driver's chair. We made it all the way to Raynes Park and secretly didn't want to get off the train as we were enjoying the banter with him way to much. Apparently Saartjie panicked and asked if he knew that we were double trouble and that he just left us on our own in the drivers cabin to which he replied he noticed. I love the Irish, fun & straight talking.

I mentioned Squirtlube in my previous blog about "My Favourite Things" and am now proud to announce that Squirtlube is sponsoring Tango Cycling. I will be handing out sample sizes when I see you next time.

This weekend was the first time that we tried out the smaller groups of riders and it worked so well. Thank you Pokkeltjie for riding back & forth like a yo-yo, first to push & pull me and then to lead the way to the station. Thank you girls for joining, it has been one of my most memorable days of cycling in Surrey for me. #morefunforless 

Quote of the day: "It's not cheeky, it's common sense." Irish train guard on South West Trains.

Our route:

Future Rides:
20 October - Intermediate: Men & Women
2 - 3 November - Skills Weekend: Men & Women (note no ladies ride in November)
30 November - Beginners: Ladies
1 December 2013 - Intermediate: Ladies
Drop me a line if you would like to join us.

*This manoeuvre is risky and is not recommended unless necessary. I have come off the very hard way from messing about with it before, but I have also concurred a 25km climb with the assistance this manoeuvre offers in times of need. :)


Saturday, 21 September 2013

XTERRA England forced me to Swim

I've been following Xterra World Champion Conrad Stoltz' career for the past few years especially since I've started mountain biking. I've never been able to swim properly so never considered doing triathlon as I've always had this fear of water, I think I've been jealous of others that were able to do triathlons.

Well as my dad would say I suffer under peer pressure, I'd like to rephrase that to fear of missing out. As soon as I saw XTERRA is coming to England I've decided that it is the closest I'll ever get to do one... So I sent an e-mail to my friends and got a group together. Many of them entered whilst I was still procrastinating clicking the button!

I was trying to ignore the swim element so kept riding my bike and started running again. Myburgh kept asking me when am I going to start swimming...

My first swimming session was 28 July, I swam 720m, with my head 90% of the time above the water... I left the pool thinking I can seriously drown... I'm surrounded by water and that it would be a bad idea for me to enter.

The next session was the following week and it was just awful. I like to keep my word if I said I am going to do something I AM GOING TO DO IT, so regardless of these horrible two swim sessions I entered...

16 August two weeks after I entered, my friend Stephne and I went to the pool. She is a teacher and her mom was a swimming teacher - I was in good hands!

She literally dragged me up and down in the teaching pool on a kickboard. I think she must've thought how on earth am I going to swim in the triathlon. I was so frustrated, swallowed so much water and started talking before I breathed. We finally found a drill that seemed to help. I had to stand with my back against the wall and blew bubbles through my nose and then started bringing my head to the side for some breath. We left the pool on a more positive note. I updated my Facebook status with the following:

"#XTERRA swim training back to basics last night. What a hack? Too many things to do at once talking NOT one of them, JUST breath, arms AND kick! So boring, but life threatening for me. Must keep going though.
Another good friend is a friend that drags you up and down in the pool on a kickboard! Thank you so much Stephne van Niekerk."

On the Sunday we went back to the pool and started with the same drill. I came up after about ten reps and couldn't believe that I have finally clicked the technique.

"I can report that I can now successfully swim, the penny dropped re the breathing today - so chuffed & grateful. I never thought that there would be a day where I enjoyed swimming more than cycling... BUT today was that day! Bring on XTERRA England, 8 September!"
After that I swam 4 more times of which twice was with a wetsuit. My housemate borrowed her boss' old wetsuit for me. Conrad Stoltz was obviously right when he tweeted to me saying that a wetsuit would make a world of difference - it did!

Thank you XTERRA for forcing me to learn a skill that I've wanted to be able to do all my life. Thank you Stephne van Niekerk for pulling your 32 year old friend up and down in the pool and teaching me how to swim properly! It has been the best birthday gift and I'll always be able to use it! I am far from a confident fast swimmer, but I've overcome my fear for water! If I can learn to swim at this age anyone can!

Meet my coach, Stephné van Niekerk
The beautiful swim start


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

My 1st Triathlon - XTERRA England

It all started way back in June when I was determined that I had enough time to learn how to swim and train for the XTERRA.

I've never been able to swim properly so never considered doing triathlon as I've always had this fear of water, I think I've always been jealous of others that were able to do triathlons.
As soon as I saw XTERRA is coming to England I've decided that it is the closest I'll ever get to do one... So I sent an e-mail to my friends and got a group together. Many of them entered whilst I was still procrastinating clicking the button!
We are coming...
Liezl and I managed to arrive late at the race briefing, not even wearing our wetsuits, needless to say I didn't hear a thing of what was waiting for us.

The Mess
The horn blew and it was as if I froze, rebelling, do I really have to swim now??? The buoy was VERY far in the distance and I felt so sorry for myself. My arms was tired from lugging the wors around for the Chill Zone the day before. I started off head above the water... half-heartedly trying to do the breathing thing. Round the halfway buoy I've lost the field and was on my own apart from the few lifesaving kayaks loitering around me. I had some strong words with myself, "You didn't learn to swim for NOTHING, Steph will be so disappointed if she sees how you are not implementing what she taught you." I also didn't want to be swimming all day long. It was a long 27 minutes of silence, but I did it.

I ran on wobbly legs (I mustv'e been kicking for a change Steph ;)) to T1. Zane & Simon arrived just in time to see me at T1. Myburgh was screaming at me to go faster in T1, but I couldn't get my socks and gloves on properly, it was sticky.

The start of the bike leg was weird. I wasn't used to my legs being like jelly and found it quite frustrating as I couldn't get into a rhythm. The first part was more technical too and I kept thinking, but you can ride technical sections, what is going on? After 3km I seemed to get better. I was frustrated that I was so far back in the field, so decided, the bike is my strongest part and if I wanted to make up some time, then NOW is the time to do it. Inspired by the UCI Mountainbike World Champs the weekend before I just went for it.

Past the half-way mark I was able to see Katy in the distance in her Tango Cycling kit, so it kept me motivated to catch her.

I caught up with some guys and didn't expect to see Stu in front of me, he offered to pull over so I could overtake him. I was just about to pass the guys sitting behind Katy when I heard them swearing, the course went under some trees and the next thing I just saw things flying around and felt a sting on my bottom! I tried to ignore it and kept going at it, although it was quite painful.

I loved the ride, overtaking a few people gave me confidence again and made the memory of the swim short lived.

Back in T2 I noticed blood through my trisuit and saw the sting still in my trisuit. I ran along over the uneven field with my wobble legs through the first forest section. I suddenly noticed a marshal and some people and then came to a sudden STOP. There was a ditch, the width was longer than my length. The marshals told me to jump and I was like, "With my short little legs???" So I jumped inside the ditch and crawled out the other side. They also told me mind the bog which I interpreted wrong and went down right in the middle and sank into the bog up to my knees. It was fun though. The run was much harder than I expected. We had to cross the same ditch on our way back, but this time by using a tree stump, I literally shuffled/crawled over whilst holding on to it.

I've done it!
The last part of the run was through more forest parts, it was so nice to run through it, but it just felt like it was never ending.

Coming down the home straight I heard the voice of Annelize in my head. Just make your steps longer and keep breathing deeply.

The way I got cheered on over the Finish line made me feel as if I won the race,  just the ribbon was missing. :-) It was special - thank you!

Katy & I located the First Aid people. They were only able to offer us ice for our sting injuries, so I stripped off and the lady had to hold the icepack on my bottom. She did say after a while that I can hold it myself to which I just said I know...

The Sprinters
Stu, TC, Jason, Katy, Liezl & Willem
Liezl made it onto the podium in her very first triathlon ever! We are so proud of her.

Pokkeltjie claiming her place on the podium!
Tango Cycling Chill Zone 
This was Gerhard van Niekerks idea, I executed it. #goodmanagingskills
Gerhard braaied wors for us and we all had boerie rolls after our races. It was so nice to have a place to put our stuff and it was so good to have the shelter from the rain.

Gerhard van Niekerk & his brainchild

Pokkeltjie claiming a hug from The Machine
Our other friends did the championship distance and it was fun to watch them compete! The course was well designed so we were able to support them at so many places. The 'internal' competition was strong between, Johan, Oli, Zane, Myburgh and Simon. :-) Lee-Anne is so head strong and despite sufferring from knee ache she soldiered on. Lizzie Doyle was called up by XTERRA and got offered a place at the World Championships in Hawaii in a month's time! Sooooo cool and proud!
Some of the hardcore ones:
Zane, Simon, Lee-Anne, Myburgh & Lizzie

Oli & Johan
You can find more photos of the whole day on the Tango Cycling Facebook page


  • Thank you XTERRA for forcing me to learn a skill that I've wanted to be able to do all my life. Thank you Stephne van Niekerk for pulling your 32 year old friend up and down in the pool and teaching me how to swim properly! It has been the best birthday gift and I'll always be able to use it! I am far from a confident fast swimmer, but I've overcome my fear for water! If I can learn to swim at this age anyone can!
  • Watching the full distance competitors crossing the ditch and the bog
  • I also had the opportunity to meet De Wet & Carl from Squirt and am hoping to speak with them again soon.
  • It was great doing it with friends and being able to support each other was fun and such a blessing
The biggest challenge of doing a triathlon:

You have 3 finish lines... and you are ALL out all the time!

Wear a wetsuit - Conrad Stoltz was obviously right when he tweeted to me saying that a wetsuit would make a world of difference - it did!
What others said:

Katy Hamlin: "I'm chuffed for completing the thing and watching Zane fall in the stream was priceless. ;) The funniest thing was cycling through the hornets nest - reckon we should set up a victim's support group for bikers with bum stings! I definitely wasn't prepared for how off road it was so would be more specific next time."

Liezl van Zyl: "My highlight was being the 3rd lady overall. It was so unexpected but very rewarding and encouraging. And of course the boerierolls afterwards #yesplease. I should probably practise my transitions as a shocking 4 minutes for T1 is just unacceptable. I mean...what did I do? Blowdry my hair? I would definitely do it again. It's a well organised event and it was such a great atmosphere...especially with all the friends being there to support us for the Sprint tri and when we returned the favour by cheering them on in the full tri.

Stuart Hamliton:
My highlight has definitely have to be the swim. For the sprint distance race the water was as smooth as glass. You don’t get better open water swimming conditions than that! Hearing the screams and squeals of the people in front of me getting stung by wasps made me smile! Only funny because I wasn’t stung. (though I did feel guilty!) Would you do it again and why? For sure, it was my first off-road triathlon and it was such great fun. The support was some of the best I have ever experienced, and to be able to support the other athletes in the other race distances was awesome. For next time I would train! One bike ride in 6 months is hardly preparation enough!



XTERRA England to be hosted on 23 - 24 August 2014 at Vachery Estate again.

I'm definitely planning to do it again and hope to see you there! Very happy that XTERRA is offroad otherwise I might've never ever done a triathlon.



Monday, 16 September 2013

Tango Cycling Skills Weekend

1 - 3 November 2013

I have sourced one of the local Surrey Hills mountain bike skills companies, All Biked Up and arranged with them to give us amorning of skills coaching and a coached ride in the afternoon. Richard will tailor the coaching to the needs of our group. Richard also happens to be the Technique Editor for online mountain bike magazine, IMbikemag.

- They promise to teach on a maximum 6:1 ratio to ensure that we all get the attention that we need.
- They will split us into groups according to our current skills and ability.

The Green Escape is a new green friendly location with shepherds huts for us to sleep in. It is near Leith Hill. It looks and sounds absolutely divine and the lady has been so friendly with me, we might be one of the first groups staying there.
One of their green features is to flush the toilet with sawdust instead of water... :-) All very natural!

Weekend Itinerary:

·         Arrive around 7pm
·         Watch Firework Display with locals at Cold Harbour  - this should be spectacular
  • Skills Coaching by All Biked Up
  • Lunch in a local pub (not included in price)
  • Coached Ride by All Biked Up
  • Accommodation at The Green Escape or another local bunkhouse
  • Tango Cycling Meal & Kuier
  • Breakfast
  • A short Tango Cycling Ride using our new acquired skills
  • Return to London
Costs involved:

£100 - Skills coaching and coached ride

£70 - Tango Cycling (Accommodation, Travel, Food & Co-ordination Fee based on minimum of 10 people booking)
Usually we share lifts and split the petrol costs, so if you could let me know if you are happy to drive and how many bikes you can take, I will co-ordinate the transport logistics as well, otherwise we can take the train, but you will have to cycle with a backpack from Dorking to our ‘basecamp.’
I have budgeted quite generously. The maximum price would be £170, but depending on the numbers the costs might be less.

Tango Cycling Service:
  • Liaising with All Biked Up to provide skills coaching and a coached ride.
  • Planning our choice menu
  • Providing a kuier opportunity and getaway from London life
  • Ultimately making cycling more fun for less bygetting a group discount for the coaching if we are a minimum 13 people, by cooking in bulk and sharing lifts
  • Squirt bio-degradeable bikewash products & chain lube available for us to have clean bikes for our next ride
What is included in the food:
  • Tea, coffee, milk, sugar, evening meal and breakfast
What you need to take/bring along:
  • Your own drinks (if not mentioned above) & treats I’ll make my signature cycling trip crunchies
What is expected of you:
  • To help prepare food and clean up afterwards, I’ll provide all the recipes
  • To enjoy the riding, food & company
  • To have
How to book:
  • RSVP at the latest by 10 October 2013 @
  • Your place will be confirmed once you have paid a deposit of £50 into my account. I will provide my banking details once you RSVP'd

Please let me know if you have any other questions. I am looking forward to hear from you and to spend a weekend in my beloved Surrey with you. Feel free to include others if you think it is something that your friend/s would be interested in.

Take care,


Thursday, 12 September 2013

3rd Ladies Ride

On 31 August 2013, 8 of us took on the Surrey Hills again.

We were meant to be 13 again, but a few girls were ill and had to cancel. I was surprised when Jean e-mailed and confirmed that she would be coming along with a friend, I am privileged that she finally joined after I have invited her so many times.

Liezl had some issues with her brakes and Adele had to get pedals changed, so we had a mechanical stop at Head for the Hills in Dorking before we started our ride. Liezl happened to bump into Louis who was wearing his kit and she roped him in to changing her brake pads for her.

Today was also the first day that a few girls were wearing their kit and even if I say so myself, we looked very smart.

Head for the Hills is a great bike shop, nice displays and a few miscellaneous items that you won't necessarily find in other shops. As I was paying for my bits, Simon arrived in his kit with Lizzie & Iain on their roadbikes. My cup was overflowing as everywhere people were wearing their kit and especially as I didn't expect to see them in their kit.

We set of and ended up doing the same route as last time, with a few diversions here and there, we cut out the climb along the White Downs and went up towards the 22 via Dog Poo Dodge , a very appropriate name for this Strava segment. Every single Dorking dog owner takes their dog there for their daily droppings.

We crossed at the Fish Farm at Abinger and climbed across to the Volunteer pub and continued past Holmbury St Mary YHA towards Yoghurt Pots.

I swapped bikes with Natalie who was riding an old mountain bike with no suspension and still shifter gears. This made me grateful for the bike that I now have. It is not all about the gear, but it does make it a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

Saartjie, Adele & Niki were in their element on Yoghurt Pots and couldn't believe the fun they had!

We went across to Barry Knows Best where we bumped into Rochelle & Rikus. I spotted Rochell in her kit from miles away, I didn't expect to see her there and at first thought that it was Liezl who took a sneaky short cut.

Saartjie, Liezl, Lara, Jean, Natalie, Adele & Niki

A well deserved tea break awaited us at Peaslake Village Store where Trudy was delighted to see her favourite South Africans. I had to go and show off our new kit to her too. I also bumped into a colleague from work, it was a beautiful day and it seems that everyone was making the most of the great weather.

Tango Cycling got so much attention today, I reached an all-time high in handing out business cards and people kept on asking if we are a club and what we are about.  

It was great being a smaller group as we were able to chat whilst we were riding and waiting for each other at certain points.

I've decided that for future rides, a beginners ride will be on the Saturday and an intermediate ride will be on the Sunday and a maximum group size of 8 people.


Saturday Beginners Rides: For someone who is trying out mountain biking for the first time and currently not that fit and perhaps don't own their own mountain bike yet. We will wait and take breaks often and don't go further than 35km maximum.

Sunday Intermediate Rides: For those that have been riding for a while and have basic fitness and feel more confident on technical terrain with less stopping. Distance between 35km - 45km and a bit more climbing.

Next Rides:

5 October - Beginners Ride
6 October - Intermediate Ride

2-3 November - Tango Cycling Skills weekend (cost involved)
Please drop me a line if you would like to join on this weekend. Spaces still available booking early is essential.

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