Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Brechfa #2 - Priceless!

What makes Brechfa a great mountainbike base & why have we come back?
  1. There are 4 trails with blue, green, red & black grades, this is perfect as everybody can ride a trail that they are comfortable with at their own pace & convenience.
  2. It has amazing trails & are really good for training. A good combination between some long climbs & technical, but fun descents.


From: Tharina Cronje
Sent: 10 April 2012 10:38
To: Albert France-Brotherton; cecilia de villiers; Cherese Binedell; Christiaan Botha; Dave Rice; Gerhard van Niekerk; Jason Wentzel; Lee-Anne Dippenaar; Liezl-Mari Anderson; Louis van der Walt; Myburgh; Richard Hemmings; Ricky Anderson; Roald Wallis; Simon Osborne; Stephne van Niekerk; Wynand Binedell; Zelda France-Brotherton
Subject: Priceless?!
24 people
20 bikes
10 cars
4 cottages
7kg steak
7kg pasta
48 lambchops
5kg potatoes
3kg mince
One massive paptert
1. Take good company
2. Mix it with good food
3. Add awesome mtb trails
4. Bake it in Wales
5. For 4 days
Hi Guys
Thank you for a great weekend away. I was so tired last night, but still reminiscing on the weekend before I finally fell a sleep.
I've worked out most of the finances and decided to send it to you in groups who owe the same amount as in some cases the final amount differ due to adhoc costs & petrol. So you can expect the final bill soon. :-) (I was going to send you a copy of the Guinness world record of the longest Tesco receipt you've ever seen in your life, but it doesn't fit in on the photocopier - this photo is a better representation)
Thank you so much for jumping in & helping out with the cooking, cleaning & everything else.
Two of my favourite quotes of the weekend:
1. There is something about sheep I really like... Wynand Binedell
2. If only I had a chance for seconds... Dawie Rice
Have a lekker week!

Managing Director
Tango Cycles - Making cycling much more fun for less

Shopping for 24 people... thankfully we had some "Spiertiere" to carry it all
Making use of the offer to help ie art of delegating, thanks Ricky. Those oondkoeke was devine.

Cox with the kiddy handing out easter eggs after the church service in Carmarthen