Friday, 27 November 2015

REVIEW: Specialized Women Specific Cycling Clothing

All of my bike accessories are already Specialized, but I've never splashed out on buying my own Specialized cycling kit. 

I happen to have met Olivia the Brand Manager for Women at Specialized UK on the Bella Velo rides and she kindly surprised me in June with this Specialized ambassadors outfit. 

I had to take the selfie to capture my excitement, it doesn't quite do it justice, but if you look closely you'll see that I dropped everything in the kitchen to try on this outfit straight away! 

From the moment I started trying it on, I could tell that this was good quality kit and understand why people pay the price for this kit. It is just so soft, it doesn't cut into love handles or upper thighs, it just feels great. This might be a strange thing for me to say and also very cringy, but you feel like a women! Oooh I said it! 

The cycling tights are my favourite, it is awesome bib shorts with a magnet fastening on the back which allows you to go to the ladies without taking all of your clothes off. You literally just drop your tights and go. 

Below is a video from Specialized demonstrating how it works! 

The padding is thin and ergonomically shaped for the best comfort. 

Soft finishes on the arm
The sleeves of the jersey and legs of the tights both have base layer material finishes which doesn't cut into your skin and doesn't ride up either as it has nicely spaced out elastic on the inside. 
Same soft finishes on the legs

The back of the cycling top has 3 pockets, including a waterproof zipped pocket. 

If you look closely you can see the magnet dropper of the bib shorts underneath my top.

I love this outfit even though it has pink it. :-) The bib shorts is a must! 

TC's Personal Shopping just for you!

Hi Everyone

Tis the season to be jolly!

I love shopping for myself and others. It is much more fun shopping if you know what you are buying, with the help of a few friends I have  compiled a list of 21 items for you. They will all make good Christmas gifts for people who love cycling. I own most of these items so can personally recommend them and those that I don't have, I would like to have! :-)

Happy Tango Shopping!


This multi-tool got recommended to me by a friend, in all honesty I haven't used all the functions yet, but it is a good one!

Price: £16
Use: MTB
Crankbrothers multi-tool
These socks keeps your feet warm in winter as long as it doesn't rain, when they are wet your feet will obviously be colder, but at least they will still be dry!

Price: £32
Use: MTB & Road
Sealskinz Waterproof Socks
Overshoes are the most unattractive piece of cycling gear you will own, but they are the key to warm feet in winter!

Price: £20
Use: Road & MTB
Versatile and great to take the chill off before winter breaks out in full swing! Toe covers are easy to leave on your shoes and much less faffing than overshoes. Best birthday gift I got this year!

Price: £9
Use: Road & MTB
Toe Covers
TC's Best Buy Recommendation!

I've always deflated my tyre when pumping it up UNTIL I bought one of these! You can use it as a foot pump, much easier for us girls to pump pressing down than to try and hold in place and pump side ways.

Maybe a bit clunky for roadie weight weenies, but you will achieve much higher tyre pressure than any other handpump.

Price: £22
Use: MTB & Road
Topeak Mini-Morph
A new autobiographyby my favourite road cyclist, he is Welsh off course!

Price: £10
Use: Men and Women
Geraint Thomas
Veg in these leggingsafter your ride! I stole this idea from Total Womens Cycling.

Price: £24
Use: Ladies
Lightweight multi-toolfor those conscious about their weight. :-)

Price: £15
Use: MTB & Road
9 Function Carbon Multi-tool
Worried that yourvaluables might get wet or just wanting to look after them, this is the thing for you!

Price: £9
Use: Road & MTB
Poc Pac
No factory grease ever! Best way to keep your chain clean forever. Happy chain, happy bike!

Mention Tango Cycling and get 20% discount!

Price: £26
Use: MTB
Squirtlube Induced Chain
Always put your safety first, doesn't matter if you ride with others or on your own, it's handy to have your ICEnumbers nearby.

Price: £15 (and you are supportingQhubeka)
Use: Road, MTB & other outdoor sports
Mudguards help to keep dirt out of your eyes when riding hard down hill and will keep your bottom dry and clean in these wet winter months.

Price: £9
Use: MTB
Mucky Nutz
Someone once asked me what is my favourite piece of cycling clothing, my answer was, myBUFF! Keeps the sweat from your eyes in Summer and provides warmth in Winter. It has 12 uses of which, headband, beanie, elastic and neck warmer are only a few to mention. I don't ride without it!

Price: £15
Use: MTB & Road
These socks are the new trend, there are a whole range available at G!RO.

Price: £15
Use: Road
Road Socks
If my hands and feet are cold I don't want to ride my bike, it is worth investing in wind & waterproof gloves!

Price: £35
Use: Road & MTB
Womens Winter's Gloves
Merino Baselayers are great for regulating your body heat and it keeps you warm even when you are wet. 

Price: £35
Use: MTB & Road
Merino Baselayers
Arm warmers are a great gift, not something you think you need until you have a pair. Ideal for in between seasons and an extra layer in winter.

Price: £5
Use: MTB & Road
Arm Warmers
Sometimes hosing your bike off is just not enough, these brushesare able to reach into all the nooks and crannies.

Price: £20
Use: MTB & Road
Cleaning Brushes
A quick and easy (lazy) way to inflateyour tyre when you have a flat.

Price: £22
Use: Road & MTB
CO2 Nozzle
More chunky, but great to keep an extra baselayer, phone etc dry in your camelbak. Also great to use as washing bag when camping or going on cycling weekends.

Price: £4
Use: MTB

Monday, 9 November 2015


Commando? No?!

I can imagine the question marks in your eyes when you read this heading. Many people including myself made the mistake of wearing underwear when we started cycling!

The thought of not wearing underwear my cycling tights frightened me at first, but after a bit of rubbing where I didn't want to be rubbed someone told me to NOT wear underwear underneath my cycling tights! You add more seams for more potential rubbing when you are wearing underwear. The biggest contact point between you and your bike is your saddle, so the less seams around that area will limit the risk of rubbing and unwanted saddle sores!

I stepped out of my comfort zone and left the panties/knickers behind after Elisca advised me to do so! It felt strange at first, but much better in the longer run! Just think of your tights as the best NO VPL underwear you will every own!

See this article on 
Total Womens Cycling confirming what I just said!

The risks of riding Commando 

The risks: 
  1. You could cycle into a fence and tear your tights and expose your future to those around you
  2. Your tights could get stuck behind your saddle and you can tear a seam
  3. You could crash, end up in A & E without knickers when you have to be fully examined by a doctor 

I’m sure those of you that have ridden for a long time can add a few more scenarios, the 3 above are all true stories and either happened to myself or others I know or you might know. :-) They make good stories though. 

How to minimise the risk:

1. I would recommend to carry a spare pair in your camelbak
2. OR invest in a pair of baggies to wear over your cycling tights