Saturday, 22 November 2014

Essential Spares

Everything you need on every ride – ALWAYS

All the Essentials
1. Spare tube

Check what valve your inner tube has, you get 2 (Schrader & Presta). Schrader is fat, Presta is skinny & have a little screw top & is more compressed. If in doubt ask someone who knows or just buy Presta as it will fit through any valve hole.

You won’t know how lost/stuck you are with a flat wheel until you get a flat & don’t have the right stuff with you. Spare yourself that feeling of helplessness

2. Tyre Leavers

These are to help you lift off your tyre from the rim so you can access the tube quickly


3. Patches
Patches - quick fix & small


4. Pump

Any small powerful pump, make sure that you know how to use it. I've recently purchased this one from Topeak as it is the only one I seem to be able to use without deflating the tyre first.


5. Hanger

This is a small piece of metal that connects your rear derailleur/drivetrain to your frame.

Each bike has a specific hanger so make sure that you order the correct one, they cost around £8 - £12. Your local bike shop should be able to advise which one you would need

Purpose: To protect your frame from cracking when a rock or any other obstacle might bash against your derailleur and damage it

6. Multi-tool

This is personal choice, but make sure that you have a range of a few allan key sizes at least

Purpose: To be able to make small adjustments to your bike

Mini-tool kit with 9 functions - I lost mine

This is the big daddy of multi-tools. 17 functions all in one tool. Personally my favourite all time tool!

7. Quick link

This is again is bike specific so make sure that you get the correct link

Purpose: A quick way of fixing a snapped chain

8. Saddle bag

This is your personal choice, but you get different sizes of these & they fit nicely under your saddle & could potentially keep all of the above apart from the pump nicely in one place.