Thursday, 8 March 2018

International Womens Day 2018

What do I think about it? 

In my naivety I don’t even know why we need a special day, why has the world thought there is a need to create a day for it? 

Positive me think that someone admitted that there is a problem, now the first step to a solution is admitting that we have a problem. 

How this problem started I’m not sure. How we are going to fix it is a case of treating all humans despite their gender, race or social status fairly. 

I’ve seen a push for women in leadership and yes I agree there is a place for it. My question though is, do I as women want to receive a promotion and become a leader because of my gender. Will our gender just help our employers to tick a box in the diversity section or will that be the right career move for us? Isn’t this the same thing as in South Africa where affirmative action is the order of the day? Where you get offered a job depending on the colour of your skin and gender first? 

The same goes for women in cycling, I ride my bike to the best of my ability and I love it. I’m a women cyclist because of my gender, but by definition I’m a cyclist regardless of my gender and I’m expected to be treated fairly the same as in the workplace. I do my work to the best of my ability and use skills I’ve been gifted with to complete them, so I expect fair treatment on that basis. 

Perhaps by the time I retire we won’t have the need to celebrate a special day for women.

Happy International Women’s Day! 

We ride together most of the time, we push ourselves take on challenges that we don't think we can do - my TangoTwin, Liezl van Zyl. 

Some of my best friends, we know each other so well, we encourage each other and forgive each others short comings.
FLTR: Dolla, Cherese, Pokkeltjie, J9tjie, Lindizwe & Daleentjie

Our work friendship trio, we move together constantly! 

BFF, 27 years of friendship, she is an amazing mother!

My nieces, they have amazing futures ahead in life, why should they be treated unfairly? Press for Progress.

My mother, the most hard working women I know, capable of so much, why should she think she is inferior to anyone with all she has achieved. Her entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic of honesty and delivering on her promises is why everything she takes on is such a huge success.

Competent cyclists who know how to ride and handle their bikes!

Let's all press for progress and fight unconscious bias for a fair and equal work environment despite your gender. 

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